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Leisure between two excursions - Massages and treatments Saint Gilles les Bains Hotel

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Massages and treatments

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation!

Personalized massages:

  • Relaxing Base: Fluid and slow movements through an olfactory journey. This treatment offers benefits, it activates micro-circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins and allows optimal relaxation.

60min: 60 € / 30min: 35 €

  • Base Tonic: Stimulates the whole body. Tonic massage helps loosen knots. Its invigorating effect will restore tone and instantly get rid of the fatigue accumulated daily.

60min: 60 € / 30min: 35 €

  • Duo massage: 130 €
    Altearah massage: Organic massage with colors.

60min: 65 €

  • Radiance facial treatment: A complete treatment comprising: make-up removal, exfoliation, relaxing massage, radiance mask, day cream. The skin is more supple, fresh, the complexion is radiant and luminous immediately.

30min: 40 €

Monday to Sunday by appointment.

Contact us on 0693 84 92 07 or on our Facebook page.

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